What is Smart Art Club?

Smart Art Club is a collection of educational art classes taught by a certified Art Teacher. Each class is recorded so that you have access to the classes at your convenience. The classes are not only about art history, but about art techniques and vocabulary. We also include other subjects that extend the educational value of the project.

One project that I have done with 4th and 5th grade is drawing and creating the student’s own Egyptian sarcophagus. I started by explaining the culture and geography of Egypt. Then we explored some of the Egyptian mythology and hieroglyphics. We identify proportions, patterns, and details of the sarcophagus. The students have fun writing our own names in hieroglyphs on their sarcophagus. There are some examples of this project in the gallery.

To summarize what we do, who we are, and who would use Smart Art Club.  

Classes taught by a licensed Art Teacher

Educational Art Classes

Taught online

Incorporate other subjects into classes

For students from the ages of 5 - 14 years old

Collection of educational art videos

Ready - To - Go art classes 24-7

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