What is Smart Art Club?

online art classes for homeschool students. 

  • Ages range from 5 to 14 years old.

  • Classes are taught by a Licensed Teacher.

  • Classes are educational and are not crafts or Pinterest projects.

  • Students will learn about art history, art terminology, techniques, artists and skills.

  • Art classes incorporate other subjects into each class. Some of the subjects are reading, science, history and math.

  • The art classes are taught at student’s skill level but all are welcome to join in.

  • Classes are online and are taught through videos.

  • Finished artwork can be uploaded to Smart Art Club’s Instagram page, where other members can view and comment about their work. (community is coming soon)

Do I need to buy a book?


No. There are no books to buy.  The classes are Ready-to-Go. All you need to do is get the supplies needed, turn on the video and start creating. I will do the rest.

How Much is the Membership?

  • A membership is $100 a year.

    • We offer 2 options to pay.

      • Option 1: A yearly membership now and get 2 months free. or

      • Option 2: A monthly membership of $10.

  • All payments are on a reoccurring schedule. You may cancel at anytime.

What Do I get with the Smart Art Club?

What you get with Smart Art Club:

  • Each class taught by a Licensed Art Teacher

  • 24-7 online art classes

  • Art classes that are age specific

  • Multiple subjects incorporated into the art class

  • Numerous art classes to select from

  • Access to all current and future classes with current registration

  • Online community with other art students (coming soon)

  • Feedback from your teacher

How does this work?

First off, you register for Smart Art Club. 

*Access the art classes.

*Decide on a class.

*Check the supply list.

*Download any resources needed for the class.

*Have your computer/laptop/tablet ready.

*Start your class.

*Create a masterpiece to upload to Smart Art Club on Instagram.

Can I cancel my Membership?

We don't want to see you go.  But if you need to cancel your membership you can anytime.

*Month to month payments will stop after the current month. If you are charged for the next month, please email us at hello@smartartclub.co as soon as possible. So that we can rectify this situation.

*Yearly membership payment will be prorated after the current month until the next renewal date.

No refunds on past membership fees.

If you should decide to come back, the cost of your registration will reflect the current rate for membership.