Who Is Ms. Cutler?

First off let me tell you why I'm here.  I have 2 sisters that homeschool their kids.  While they do that, I teach Art in public schools.  One day they mentioned to me that they couldn't find any art classes for their girls to take.  They didn't have time to figure out how to teach the art lessons to them, they wanted someone else to teach the girls art.  They also didn't want the girls to just do crafts.  They thought that this wasn't educational for them. They looked everywhere for the girls and came up empty.  There were places they could drive to, but they were over 60 miles away.

That's where I came in.  I mentioned that I could teach the girls the same lessons that I teach my classes. (Kindergarten to 8th grade) They jumped at the opportunity.  They knew that I didn't teach the kids to create crafts, but actual visual art projects.  They also knew that I love to incorporate other subjects into my lesson. 

One such example was when I was having my 1st graders draw Nesting Dolls and arrange them to show perspective, details, patterns and proportion.  To introduce the project, I had a book that I read to them, then I brought out 2 actual Nesting Dolls from Russia.  They gathered around one of the tables, so that they could all see.  Then I showed them how the dolls worked and why they are called nesting dolls.  It also so happened that the dolls from the story was painted in the same style as one of my nesting dolls.  The kids were so excited about getting started and drawing their nesting dolls.  They kept that excitement throughout the project, which was about 3 weeks long. I only get 40 minutes a week with the kids. 

So, after I taught my nieces, the girls wanted more classes like that.  They also told other homeschool friends about me teaching the girls art. So that go the brain juices rolling.  I could help other homeschool students experience educational visual art classes from their own home.  I could record the projects and they could watch and follow along with me to create the projects on their own time. A ready to go visual art class for the busy homeschool mom.

That is why I came up with Smart Art Club to do just that.  And here I am sharing my art classes with other homeschool students and families.